Welcome to PLAY-BREAK

where you will experience and learn to host engaging online sessions that result in


How might we transform online meetings, events and learning into highly engaging meaningful fun?

Annemarie Steen, owner of SteenTrain, has developed PLAY-BREAK, a concept for creating and hosting engaging online sessions in a playful way.

What is a PLAY-BREAK?

A short 30 min hosted session on Zoom where all participants are invited to actively engage in playful (learning) activities together. Some activities are designed for the whole group together, others are for smaller groups or pairs in break-out rooms.

For whom is a PLAY-BREAK?

For trainers, facilitators, educators, coaches, (team-)leaders, eventorganizers, who are hosting online meetings, events and/or trainingsessions.

What do you get out of a PLAY-BREAK?

Personally: Lots of positive energy, connectedness, creativity and sticky personal insights.

Professionaly: Lots of ideas and inspiration to make your own online meetings/events/trainings more engaging, connecting and insightful by adding playful learning experiences to them.

In an hour of PLAY you learn more about a person than in a year of conversation (PLATO)

We are Serious about Playfulness

Connect, Energize, Create & Learn Playfully

Play-Break for Individuals

You are a trainer, facilitator, coach, counseler, educator, (team-)leader, eventorganizer, and you could use some refreshing, fun, creative and engaging exercises that work like magic in online sessions. Since we love experiential playful learning, come and learn from experiencing Play-Break for yourself.

We host daily 30 min PLAY-BREAK sessions in English, Monday-Friday.

Please check your timezone HERE

You can sign up for Play-Break any day of the week for only € 49,- (+ 21% btw when buying from The Netherlands) and you can attend as many Play-Breaks as you like in the same week (1 or all 5). So the more you play, the less you pay.

You sign up via button below where you can register for a week of Play-Break. In your confirmation email you'll find a link for payment, using PayPal/ Creditcard


You just want to try-out 1 Play-Break session, you can do this every day (Monday-Friday) at 1pm Amsterdam timezone. You'll invest € 15,- for a dose of inspiration and fun. Register via button below.

Play-Break for Business

You have remote working employees and you are looking for ways to keep teamengagement high or you are organizing online events that need some creative and connecting fun and energy.

We have experience in hosting online playful learning for individuals and teams from 4-100 people.

We are happy to create online engagement experiences, customized to your company culture. Contact us for a meeting, so we can listen to your objectives and share options with you.


If Play-Break makes you curious, but you are not sure about buying Play-Break for your employees, you can buy just a single try-out session. Every day (Monday-Friday) at 1pm CET in English. You'll invest € 15,- for a dose of inspiration and fun.

Train the Play-Break facilitator

You are a trainer, facilitator, coach, counseler, educator, (team-)leader and you wish to learn or get better at hosting short and energizing online sessions, using playful (learning) exercises, for your own clients/ meetings or for clients of SteenTrain.

You have at least 3 years experience in delivering playful experiential learning for students and/or corporate clients, either in the form of Applied Improv, Lego Serious Play, Laughter Yoga, Play Therapy, or other play related forms of learning and engaging participants.

You are a passionate believer in the transformative power of PLAY and have a joyous and playful attitude towards life and are consciously walking your talk.

Becoming a Play-Break facilitator consists of various levels. You are free to decide in your own pace of learning, your personal learning objectives and your budget, how many levels you wish to take.

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