We are passionate about bringing more Play & Playful learning into organizations worldwide. Why? Because we believe in the power of Play. When we Play, we are very present and engaged, we are connected to ourselves and others more easily, we are positive, energized and more creative. And through playful learning we create insights that stick. Things we need (now more than ever) to thrive in a complex and fast changing environment.

Founder, Annemarie Steen, has a creative and playful personality. She is serious about playfulness and since 2009, when starting SteenTrain, she is always looking for ways to connect people in playful waAnnemarie Steenys and create playful learning experiences that stick. She is mainly active on the topics of Creativity, Innovation and (personal) Leadership, in trainings and as a (key-note) speaker at large events. She is owner of SteenTrain, senior faculty at THNK, School of Creative Leadership (Amsterdam) and guest lecturer at the Estonian Business School (Tallinn) since 2015.

Currently PLAY-BREAK is offered in 5 languages (English, German, French, Portuguese and Dutch).

For PLAY-BREAK in English, French, Portuguese and Dutch you can contact Annemarie Steen (SteenTrain) directly

For PLAY-BREAK in German you can contact Daniela Kauer (Training und Theater) directly

If you are interested in partnering with PLAY-BREAK for any other language, contact us.


We work with a team of certified PLAY-BREAK facilitators worldwide and can deliver online sessions in many languages.