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How might we transform online meetings, events and learning into highly engaging meaningful fun?

Annemarie Steen, owner of SteenTrain and 'serious about playfulness in business', has developed PLAY-BREAK, a concept for creating and hosting engaging online (learning) sessions in a playful way.

What is a PLAY-BREAK?

Short facilitated moments during online meetings, trainings and/or events, where the participants are invited to actively engage in playful (learning) activities. Some activities are designed for the whole group together, others are for smaller groups or pairs in break-out rooms. These Play-Breaks bring connectedness, positive emotions and boost creativity and learning.

The Play-Break original session (30min) is designed as a (re-)energizing break in a long workingday; being fully present, having fun, connecting to others, exploring different types of play.

Customized Play-Breaks can be designed for meeting specific desired outcomes (connecting people, creating insights, activating creativity) and vary in length from 10min to 2,5 hours.

Annemarie and her team are happy to design and host Play-Breaks for your employees/ teams/ events or teach you how to do it yourself (Toolkit Play-Break).

In an hour of PLAY, you learn more about a person than in a year of conversation (Plato)

Tip: Watch this video about the benefits of taking a break in relation to productivity and success

Teamfun & (re-) connecting

You have remote working employees and you are looking for ways to keep teamengagement high and to (re-)connect the team in a more informal, fun and personally connecting way.

You can choose one of these 45 min play-breaks for a very friendly price, or work with us to create a custom Play-Break program.

Custom: After an intake where you can share your objectives, your culture, your desired outcomes, we will design a customized Play-Break session for your team.

Some Ideas to get started:

1. Why not offer daily Play-Break original sessions for starting a healthy habit of 30min of play a day and see how it impacts the teamspirit, productivity and creative potential of the team?

2. Why not organize a play-break session on the topic of well-being, so your employee will get insights and tips on taking better care of their own well-being while working from home. Insights from positive psychology will be translated into playful learning experiences.

3 Why not organize a play-break session on the topic of "Discover your PLAY-type" with insights from play-theory including a keynote about the importance of play in dealing with a fast changing and complex world.

Energizers & Networking at your events

You are organizing online or hybrid events that need some creative and connecting fun and energy.

We have experience in hosting online (and offline) energizing, playful learning and networking for groups from 4-100 people.

Booking Annemarie Steen as a key-note speaker or the online moderator for your event is also possible.

We are happy to create engaging experiences for your events, customized to your company culture. Contact us for a meeting, so we can listen to your objectives and share options with you.

Have a look at this short demo where Annemarie hosted a Play-Break for a large online audience. 8 participants joined with video. This invited the non video participants to engage as well.

Toolkit Play-Break

"Probably the most meaningful fun training you ever attended"

You are hosting online meetings and you are looking for creative and playful online exercises that work great to engage, energize and connect the people in your meetings.

Within 2 sessions of 2 hours each you'll learn at least 25 tools that you can apply immediately in your next meeting. First you are learning by experiencing the tools/exercises for yourself. Then you are invited to reflect on the experience and learning how to apply these tools in your own meetings.

You'll invest € 295,- (+ 21% btw when buying from The Netherlands).

Next Toolkit Play-Break training will take place on Jan 6 + Jan 13 from 9-11am Amsterdamtime.