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Toolkit Play-Break

"Probably the most meaningful fun training you ever attended"

You are a trainer, facilitator, coach, counseler, educator, (team-)leader and you are looking for creative and playful online exercises that work great to engage, energize and connect the people in your programs.

In Toolkit Play-Break you'll learn at least 25 short playful and creative tools for uplifting energy, creating meaningful connections and boosting creativity and learning during your online meetings, events or trainingsessions.

Your trainer is TEDx speaker Annemarie Steen, who is Serious about Playfulness.

This training will take 2x2 hours (with a week in between). Experience the connecting, creative and energizing power of PLAY by actively participating. Then you will reflect and learn how to apply these tools into your own meetings, events or trainings.

Your investment: € 295,- (excl 21% btw when buying from the Netherlands)

Next Toolkit Play-Break will take place on January 6 + Jan 13 from 9-11am Amsterdam timezone.

Certified Play-Break facilitator

When you have completed the Toolkit Play-Break Training, there is the option to grow into a certified Play-Break facilitator, meaning;

  • add Play-Break original to your own portfolio and publish it on your website,
  • have your name published on the Play-Break website
  • become part of the Play-Break facilitator network and have access to lots of resources, exercises and learningsessions
  • might be asked to facilitate play-break sessions for SteenTrain

1. Delivering Play-Breaks

Part of becoming a certified Play-Break facilitator is that you need to make your ‘flying hours’, because it’s through experience and reflecting upon that experience, that we learn best. This means that you will organize, prepare and deliver a minimum of 10 Play-Breaks original for a targetgroup of your choice.

You will write a reflectionreport on your learnings and send it to your certifying trainer

2. Certification

You show to be able to host Play-Break sessions with Presence, Joy and Confidence in a certification session (*).

Only after certification you can add Play-Break to your own portfolio and publish it on your website. You may sell and host Play-Break sessions for your own clients and/or may be invited to host paid sessions for SteenTrain. You will also be mentioned on the website of Play-Break for one year.

(*) In case you will need more help and coaching before you feel ready to deliver Play-Breaks with Presence, Joy and Confidence, additional coaching sessions can be booked seperately.

Contact us with your questions about becoming a certified Play-Break facilitator .